Isa-Life Productions

Dedicated to praying for an end to abortion and intolerance

True coexistence. True tolerance.

Our culture demands that we "accept", that we "understand", and that we "tolerate" everyone. No matter religion, race, creed, or gender.
Tolerance, love, and fellow feeling are wonderful things, but does our society really extend this invitation to "COEXIST" to everyone?
As long as the lives or deaths of unborn children are seen as mutually acceptable choices, our society will never truly coexist.

This is the reason for the new "COEXIST" bumper sticker.

Bumper stickers are 
$3.00 a piece, 
2 for $5 and
10 for $20.  
All orders of less than 30 stickers have a  $2 shipping fee. 
This makes it possible for us to send orders to our many friends who live across the country from us.